The Hate Your Way Morning Ritual Guide is designed help you break through the blocks that keep you stuck in a rut of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and regret.

Kick self-loathing to the curb by building a habit to expose your limitations and unleash your potential.

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Hate Your Way Morning Ritual Guide!

Here’s what you’ll get from the Hate Your Way Morning Ritual Guide:

1) Discover your WQ (Willingness Quotient)

2) Identify your habit profile.

3) Design a morning ritual that fits your personality, schedule, and preferences.

By Erin Currin

Hate Your Way To Happiness

Kick self-loathing to the curb by building a habit to expose your limitations and unleash your potential.

About The Author

Erin Currin

Erin Currin is a transformational author, speaker, and coach with a passion for natural wellness and spiritual shift. With nearly two decades of experience as a teacher and leader, Erin has helped many tune in to their own unique rhythms using her keen insight and compassionate candor.
Erin is professionally trained in Business Management and Accounting. Her career in accounting, spanning three decades and several industries, provided fertile soil for the growth of her rich business acumen. Erin is also a certified Hypnotherapist, a lay Buddhist leader, and she has a passion for culture and the arts. This unique combination of skills and experience gives Erin a more holistic approach to life.
In her youth, Erin developed a superficial, flippant attitude toward life. She used food for comfort and to build walls around herself. But she always yearned for something more.
Through vigorous spiritual practice and rigorous personal development, Erin has been able to transform her life experiences and use them to tear down the walls of her self-made prison. Now she uses her experiences to help people who have had enough of suffering and quiet desperation to break free and live dynamic lives of wellness, power, and fulfillment.

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