I have discovered that I have been selling out on myself.  I stopped blogging because my job required too much time.  But my job required too much time because I wouldn’t be straight with my employees or ask for help.

I sold out on my husband because I allowed him to choose not to participate.  I was not a demand for him to contribute in any meaningful way to our relationship.  Hell!  I wouldn’t ALLOW him to contribute.  I was always “Nah.  I got this.”

But secretly I was waiting for everyone to come to me and ask “how can I support you?”

There’s a double-edged sword…

If you ask me if you can help, I will say no thank you.

If you don’t, it means I don’t matter.

Wow!  How’s that for a catch 22??  You are screwed as a friend, a husband, an employee, or practically ANYONE in that melodrama!

And I live it out every day…  quietly dying inside…  Not living my dream.  Not doing what I love.  Not providing the solutions I am uniquely developed to provide.  Not being there for my family or friends.  Not having it all.

But why not?  Simply because life is too dangerous and I can’t risk being wrong.

So why am I telling you this?  Because I declare that I am worth it.  I am the master of my destiny and I choose to write a magnificent novel filled with adventure, magic, and miracles.

I will use this blog to share my progress.  I AM an Unmistakable Entrepreneur.  I CAN live into that future.  I WILL create the life I have always dreamed of.

And I invite you to join me on the journey.