Well, I was EXPOSED to somebody who has the Corona Virus.

Now, THIS is a fantastic “reason” for me to sit around all weekend and not do ANYTHING.  I mean it IS the perfect excuse for me to not go anywhere.  Like I need excuses…

And it’s funny how right now I’m starting to feel little symptoms, like a dry cough.

Well, It’s not like they are overwhelming or overpowering.  It’s not like I am unable to function.  I don’t FEEL bad.

And yet I’m telling myself that I need to take it easy.

What the hell does THAT mean?

I mean, here I am.  It’s the weekend.  So far, I have come up with every excuse not to do what I have on my list to do.

Now here’s the thing.  The Corona Virus is real.  It’s definitely a dangerous virus.  It definitely poses a threat to some human life.  I am not arguing that at all.

What I am saying is I get to be careful, especially when I am around others if I think that I might be infected, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do ANYTHING.  Yes, I believe that I was infected AND right now, I’m not really showing strong symptoms.

Let me get this straight.  I am avoiding writing my blog on making excuses about not doing stuff, because I might have been infected with Corona but I am not showing any symptoms yet?

Come on.  I can totally type my blog up from my voice memo.  (For those of you who hate writing stuff down, just do a voice memo. It’s super simple.)

And while I am typing my blog on making excuses for not accomplishing my dreams, I can limit the virus’ ability to replication by watching what I eat and getting enough rest.

That sounds like a great plan!

But instead, I nearly chose to skip my morning routine and forget about my to do list.  This simply points to my old bad habit of being willing to ditch my dreams at the smallest sign of trouble.  The smallest hint of drama and my little butt is bailed.

Where do I make the excuses?  Where do I cut the corners?

I do this everywhere in my life.

I can have an asymptomatic Corona Virus infection, treat myself well and have it be two weeks of self-quarantine time where I have meditation and me time.  Or I can I cut corners with my health and eat crap because I NEED to show the symptoms to feel like it’s “real” and I can “justify” staying home.

I can work from home if I am asymptomatic.  I can work on my blog if I’m asymptomatic.  I can talk to you on the phone or zoom with a group.  I can even go grocery shopping from the comfort of my living room.  There is almost nothing I cannot do from home.

Yes.  It’s amazing.

I really have everything that I could possibly need for the time being to be able to have a symptom free infection.

And the old me needs the drama to justify me working from home tomorrow since I don’t yet have the result of my screening.  I’ve also been trying to get out of all of the things that I said I would do today “because I’m sick”.

Screw that!  Instead, I am starting my blog today.  Welcome to my first post.  “I’ve got Corona!”