It’s so easy to remember all the times that things didn’t work out.

What about remembering all of the times when things did?

I just had a fantastic conversation with my friend of mine.

She recently got laid off and she was asking if I had ever experienced that.

I told her about the time when I was working as a Staff Accountant for a major retail chain, and I found out the company would be going through a merger and moving to Colorado!

The challenge was that before I heard the news that I would soon lose my job, I had decided to purchase a condo.

I freaked out just a little bit because I didn’t know how it would all work out.  Then I just decided that I was going to do it anyway.  That was simply how it was going to go.

As I shared the story with my buddy, I got re-related to what it took to get through the experience at that time.  I discovered that it really had been a story about my determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

I decided on a goal.  I made a plan.  I pushed myself past my limits.  And I did it!

As each new challenge came up, doubt would start to creep in.

Each time, I would consciously choose to stay focused on my goals.  Whether it was staying in contact with people who wanted me to win or leaving notes and pictures all around to remind me of my commitment, I surrounded myself with the excitement of my future!

It wasn’t easy.  Shit came up.  But I freaking did it!

In the end, that experience is a fantastic testament to what I can accomplish when I truly put my mind to it.

Not only did I buy the condo, but when I was let go, I got a severance package that allowed me to stay at home for a year and complete my MBA from the comfort of my new condo!

So here I am twenty years later.  I’ve been “thinking” about building my business for a while now.  But the MASSIVE ACTION part never seems to come.

As I remembered buying that condo, I started to wonder what had changed since then?

The reality is that I have allowed fear to slowly take over.  I have been playing not to lose, rather than running full speed after my hopes and dreams.


Somewhere along the way, I started playing as if I had no say in my destiny.

But now, remembering what I am capable of, I choose to lean into building my dreams!  I CAN have it all!

That’s the level of commitment and determination that I get to bring to my life and my game right now!

Simply because I say so!

And because I am committed to doing whatever the fuck it takes to make it happen!