Is there a place in your life where you keep saying you want a result?  But every time you start to do the thing, it just falls apart?

Yeah…  THAT thing…  THAT person…  THAT part of your life…

THAT’s the one.

You feel like you want the thing more than life itself and yet when you try to take the action, it’s like someone declared martial law inside your soul.  All the Gates came crashing down and the walls shoot up out of the ground.

Why is that?

Have you ever wondered?

I mean, it seems like it should be so simple.  When you’re in your right mind, it all feels clear.  Even easy.

But the minute you step foot on the path, everything that is not that rears its ugly head.  It chases you out of the building.

Why is that?

And, more importantly, what can you do?

Consider that you may not be telling yourself the entire truth about the situation.

Our brains are designed to protect us.  Basically, we’re not designed for the current modern world.  Things come at us too fast, too loud, and too much.

Why does that matter?

Because all of us are just trying to figure it all out.  But none of us wants to admit that.

Everyone thinks that everybody else has it figured out.  And we would look totally stupid if we slow down to ask questions.  Oh, heavens no.

But what if you did?

What if you ask clarifying questions?  What if you took the time to understand where someone else is coming from?

How many challenges would be avoided?

Okay, so what does this have to do with being inconsistent in life?

Just like you feel it’s silly to ask other people questions, how do you feel about asking yourself questions?

You don’t even think about it, do you?

I mean, why would I need to ask myself questions?  Don’t I already know everything that I know?

No, you probably don’t.  In fact, there are so many beliefs we create before we are even aware that they’re created that It amazes us when we start to dig.

Our brains are super-efficient…  Always trying to find the best way to get things done with the least amount of resources.  So many of our decisions about life get locked away in our subconscious, never to be reconsidered ever again.

And then 30 years later, when we want to alter our own behavior, we have no idea why we keep failing despite ourselves.

It’s time to get curious…

To start digging…

To ask for help.

It’s time to really get to know yourself and start reconciling some of those differences that have you locked up and limited.